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Sunday, 24 August 2014


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and they’ll notice that gaston is a huge douchbag

Most of tumblr doesnt


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Saturday, 23 August 2014


I think Chrestomanci is dark in a much less obvious way, in a way that’s much more horrifying than cut and dry good vs evil, in a way that you realize slowly, over time and pages. In the way the Christopher’s uncle takes advantage of him, in the way Gwendolen does the same to Cat, in the way…



If you liked Harry Potter, then you’ll (probably) enjoy the Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones because…magic, wizards, other worlds and just as hilarious (if not funnier). Some people don’t think her tales are as dark, but they are. That’s what makes her…

I completely agree. They are subtle, but also I think most people see “darker” as things cut in black and white. Chrestomanci is realistic in its portrayal of the dark, which makes it darker. It could also be that people view the darker things as something that is a foreign kind of bad. If you strip away the magic from HP, the bad there is familiar and terrible, but is essentially a carbon copy of DWJ’s basic rotten relationships (based on her books outside of Chrestomanci as well). DWJ layers more terrible upon terrible (even outside of the magic and mayhem) that the sheer weight of this oh-so-realistic darkness could bring you to tears. Both JKR and DWJ portray the darkness within oneself, but JKR lets it be stripped away…by magic. DWJ knows that it can never be fully eradicated. It’s a part of you. And also people are assholes.

But I am really excited someone is discussing this. I went on a huge rant recently about the lack of credit the Chrestomanci series gets for being ahead of its time.

Friday, 22 August 2014

If I Stay cover remake by yours truly. It felt appropriate for the movie release day.

If I Stay cover remake by yours truly. It felt appropriate for the movie release day.

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Ruin and Rising

I wrote a huge review for this and it just disappeared before I saved it. FML.


So, after I finished reading the third book, I finally noticed that all the covers have the amplifiers on them in order. Obviously the third book is technically wrong, because it should be Mal on the cover instead.

This book was extremely upsetting in both good and bad ways. Let me explain.

Things that made me angry/confused me:

  • Alina’s hair became shockingly white, which reminded me of Daenerys. Come on, let’s stop involving GoT in everything.
  • Nikolai’s sudden situation takes him (conveniently) out of the picture long enough for Malina (Mal and Alina) to figure things out for themselves/get back together grudgingly at first.
  • If a Sun Summoner is rare, that makes Alina rare. That makes her family special. I thought for sure her theory would, in fact, be correct. When it wasn’t, I still wondered about her family. There has to be something about them, right? I NEED TO KNOW EVERYTHING *gnashing teeth*.
  • The amplifiers’ transfer of powers is inconsistent. The first two were transferred to Alina no problem. The last is confusing…technically Mal’s ancestor was the amplifier and she died. I already take a stance against that because she was raised from the dead and shouldn’t she be nearly immortal? When she gave birth to Mal, did her amplifier power transfer to him through her genes (were there FOUR amplifiers at that time or three and she lost her amplifier-ness?) or when she died did it transfer to him through default or nearest live body to her? In which case, I have no idea how these amplifiers work.
  • The Darkling’s merzost-induced traumas lessened and were undone with his death. This makes absolutely NO sense, because you cannot pick-and-choose what is undone. If it is undone, all of it must be undone. CONSISTENCY. Which means that people who died should now be living and all the other injured should be healed (if it was from the Darkling’s zombie Dementors).
  • I like Genya the best and her injuries and ugliness were something I appreciated and knew she was strong enough to rise above. I thought this made her character so much more. But in the end, even this harshness was slightly lessened to make her easier to look at again. 
  • If you think of Alina as a glow-in-the-dark sticker or a solar-powered gadget, shouldn’t she have had a little bit of Sun Summoning juice in her after all those months of healing? You don’t need a strict source of sunlight. I realize I just compared Alina to a glow-in-the-dark sticker, but…shut up.


Things I loved about it all:

  • Nikolai.
  • Malina’s orphanage take over.
  • Alina losing her Sun Summoning ability.
  • Alina choosing to be without political power and sway—living the simple life.
  • Oncat.

But srsly, everyone should read these books.

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Thursday, 21 August 2014

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Anonymous said: Hey there, I saw the bookmark you've made with the sloth on, and I was just wondering if I'm allowed to print it and use it as a bookmark? because its so cute and makes me smile^^

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my sloth bookmark. Please feel free to print it for your own personal use. It’s also available to download here: http://colourblind-crayon.deviantart.com/art/Read-Slow-Finish-Whenever-Bookmark-441908914.

Enjoy, my book-loving friends. :)

If you liked Harry Potter, then you’ll (probably) enjoy the Chrestomanci series by Diana Wynne Jones because…magic, wizards, other worlds and just as hilarious (if not funnier). Some people don’t think her tales are as dark, but they are. That’s what makes her writing so remarkably hopeful and defiant in the face of all those dark bits.

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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

One afternoon (from) outside the (house) a knock, unlike most, was (actually) my wife (who) kills until bloody (or) someone (cries) the name (of) IT!

One afternoon (The Boy in the Striped Pajamas)
My name (How I Live Now)
Until a (The Princess Bride)
It was (The Giver)
Outside the (The Engineer of Human Souls)
The knock (The Chaos)
Wife kills (The Storied Life of A. J. Fikry)
Someone bloody (The Silkworm)
Unlike most (Eight Days of Luke)

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