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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Goodreads Reviewers Attacked by Authors

…for their opinions and reviews over both twitter and GR. While they are not “personal” attacks, it seems that some authors have come together and decided FUCK Goodreads, it’s worse than 4chan. Really? 

Are authors that immature and sensitive to personal readers’ opinions that they couldn’t even keep their snide asshole-ishness under the rug? I know sometimes I can write a very harsh book review, but that normally doesn’t change ANYONE’s opinion about a book. They should read it anyway, if they want to. Even if I didn’t like the book, I probably would have nothing personal against the author and read them again. But the problem is, now that I know some authors have their heads SO far up their asses, I can’t even read their books without a sour taste in my mouth. I mean, forget the fucking Chemical Garden trilogy. It wasn’t worth my time and money anyway. 

And this all began because some assholes don’t like people actually reading and reviewing their books with opinions. Were the opinions too snide? Too much “venom”? Too much passion about literature?

I have to hand it to Julie Cross (much of the Twitter-bullying began due to a comment on a Tempest review), though. She’s handled this like a champ, realizing the review was not a PERSONAL attack at all. Even though her agent seems like a dickhead. 

I am really ashamed that authors would shoot down and wave off the sense of community and opinion sharing of GR. Especially since it’s made my job a lot easier (to find things and be informed about certain books). What irks me more is that instead of the regular trolls and haters you normally get within all forums, it’s authors themselves. Authors with money and all that, of course. Egotistical, cocky, and feeling rather self-important. They’re not as big of a deal as they think they are (especially because I only heard of them THROUGH GR). The only reason we notice them now is because they are sad fucking losers that resort to bullying and littering twitter with pathetic jabs that have no backing.

 I think I’m mostly angry because it’s like GR has been tainted by authors that think they’re too good for their readers. If I were an author, even the most negative of comments would mean someone took time and energy on my work. They thought about it and cared enough about literature and the book itself to have an opinion. :| 

Here are some collected comments that fellow reviewers (that are not being paid) may appreciate:






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    In the words of Rainbow Dash to Gilda: not cool.
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