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Friday, 13 May 2011

Divided About Divergent

Spoilers, be warned!

It really is the new hottest teen read out there, falling into line with The Hunger Games (in terms of genre. It’s almost as popular as some of the hottest new teen titles out there, such as City of Fallen Angels in the Mortal Instruments series.

Certainly, we who work in bookstores snatched up the first copies and read them before you could say “Dauntless”.

It was a fun read, and not horribly written. As far as I know, there aren’t any plot holes because it’s to be a trilogy (surprise surprise). It also, interestingly, goes shallowly into the fall of society today, which personally, I find fascinating.

Many dystopian novels tend to ignore the demise of our society, and shelter the reader from what they knew.

I also appreciated the reason for the faction divisions, as a result.

Besides, no love triangle! It wasn’t about the drama of choosing love. Readers got to focus all their attention on what mattered.

But then what mattered? I mean, clearly her mother wasn’t important enough to live or her father, whom Beatrice barely gave a backwards glance to when he had fallen.

I think while I enjoyed the concept, there was a HUGE emotional disconnect from everything, even with an almost full-blown war.

So while people are really excited about this trilogy, I still think Veronica Roth has something to prove. Because I’m not impressed with her magic writing abilities. Give me more, give me better.

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