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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

The Guardian: Summing up GR and Author-Reviewer Issues

Apparently the drama has made The Guardian. Just when I thought shit was no longer stirring. Not that it is, but it is fun knowing that apparently everyone has a hand in the GR cookie jar.

That just made me incredibly hungry.

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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

A Response

My opinion about Wither was not affected by the drama in the past week and a half, I would like to clarify. And, you know what, I will probably end up reading the second book in The Chemical Garden trilogy anyway, because I’m too curious by nature and tend to hope for better.

However, I did take a look at your response on Goodreads, and I still stand by what I said in my initial blog post. While I agree that the 4chan comment was taken “out of context”, it does still apply to the entire GR issue/author-etiquette. You may not hate the reviewers or the people on GR, but you have stated that you’d prefer scrolling through 4chan over GR any day. The people of 4chan make 4chan what it is, just as the people of GR make it what it is (good, bad, ugly and everything in between); thus being repelled by GR (dark corners and all) just reinforces the offense that was felt.

Your comment may have been part of someone else’s sorrow about a bad review, but it also applies to the bigger picture. It’s already hard to get people to network through GR, who do not already. It makes things ten times easier at my job (searching, listopia, reviews and ratings = bookseller heaven) and keeps people (consumers/readers) happy. In fact, I’d love for our chain of bookstores to start incorporating it as a more efficient search engine and source of information (because ours really sucks).

And I’m not trying to say that you’re not entitled to your opinion, because goddamn it, you are, but I believe there should be some sort of author-reviewer-public/online etiquette. Especially when it scares people from GR. I mean, if a twelve year old girl came into my store and asked me about where she could network and chat about things, I would definitely choose GR over 4chan. If an author came into the store and asked me where she or he could network and chat about things, again, despite negative reviews, I would suggest GR. It just reinforces an earlier point I made; we are united by our love of literature and stories. Should a few really harsh reviews change your entire respect for a website that unites the best and the worst of us? Even the freaking trolls can’t keep me away. The internet is crawling with trolls, and better the troll you know than don’t, right?

Now I know that sounds really, really hypocritical, because people usually believe that negative reviewers scare other readers from reading books that they have discussed. But that is not entirely the case, no. It gives readers something to think about, if anything. And if it scares them away, then they probably weren’t all that interested to begin with and are just looking for reasons to shorten their reading list (while the rest of us are looking for “reasons” to increase it).

I felt like I owed that explanation about my initial rant (before I had calmed down).

But Lauren, seriously, do not let this sort of drama get you bogged down. I know some authors are freaking out about accidentally getting involved (by association). It’s not worth it; just let it go and move on.

Besides, one of the first rules of interwebz arguments is that you heal faster than you’re hurt, because there’s always ten times as many people willing to defend you when attacked/ridiculed publicly (publicly being more than twenty people are following the conversation, haha), unless you are a troll :’D. 

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